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The Immigration and Business Journey: Lessons Learned from a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur | Claudia Moncarz with Marlene Markowitz | Episode 06

On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our guest, Marlene Markowitz, shares her experience as a business owner, specifically as an immigration and trademark lawyer. The conversation covers various topics, including the need for immigration attorneys, the benefits of social media for businesses, and the importance of double-checking important documents. Listeners will also hear…

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From Vision to Execution: Building a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey| Claudia Moncarz with Mari Ribeiro | Episode 04

On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship and how to protect your business. Our guest speaker, Mari Ribeiro, shares her personal story of becoming an entrepreneur after getting laid off from her job as an attorney. We discuss the importance of having a clear vision for your…

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The Bucket Strategy

As a tax professional, easily the most common type of question I get is related to either making more money or saving more money.  The two are nearly synonymous, but, of course, to save it, you have to make it.  Unfortunately, a lot of “makers” aren’t very good “savers.”  I want to share an “old…

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